Pretty much all the questions that people ask us about hiring the hall are answered here. Please take a few minutes to scan it.

Question Answer
What is the availability of the hall?

Please check the hall calendar for up to date availability.

Note that we only take one booking per day (apart from Saturday yoga) at the weekend between 0800 and 2000, booking must be done online at least a week in advance and be for a minimum of 4 hours.

For regular and weekday bookings, please see that page (menu above) and contact us.

Do I need to allow time for setting up before and cleaning up after? You need to book enough time, in total, to allow yourself time to set up before your event and clean up afterwards, including vacuuming. We suggest an hour each side of your event.
What are the hall hire rates?

Current hourly hire rates are on the weekend booking and regular booking pages.

There is a mandatory security deposit, currently £200, returnable soon after the hire, assuming none of the hire terms have been broken.

Your booking is only confirmed once all hire fees and security deposits are paid.

What is the cancellation policy? In the event of cancellation by the hirer, we will refund 75% of the hire charge if the hire is cancelled 30 or more days in advance of the hire date, a 50% refund if cancelled between 30 and 7 days, and no refund if cancelled with 7 or fewer days notice.
What is the hall capacity and furniture?

For practical purposes, we recommend a maximum of 100 people, fewer if you are using space for a DJ, dancing, catering and other purposes.


We have seating for about 75 people. We do not have any child-sized chairs or high-chairs.


There are 18 tables:

  • six large wooden tables (1.8m x 0.8m)
  • one round wooden table (1.8m)
  • eight medium grey tables (1.2m x 0.7m)
  • four small grey tables (0.7m x 0.7m).

All furniture must be wiped down and returned to its storage position at the end of the hire (there is a picture in the hall).

What is the hall size and layout? You need to download the Hall plan.

Can I visit the hall to look around?

Of course. You can visit any Friday evening from 7:15pm to 8:30pm – no appointment needed. Just ask at the bar when you arrive (have a drink too!).

 Our postcode should take you to just outside the hall: RG7 1TR.

Our whatthreewords for the car park entrance are: speeded.pets.inflation

How do I access the hall on my hire day? We will send you an access code for the main door specific to your hire period.
Can I leave the hall during my hire period?

Yes, you may leave but you remain fully responsible for the hall during your hire period. Please ensure the hall is secure and, if you will be gone for more than 30m, that the car park gates are locked. Your access code works for the period of your hire.

You must let us know beforehand if you plan to do this.

What if I have a problem during my hire period? Call the number in the help file at the hall and we will do what we can to remedy the problem.
What cleaning am I expected to do at the end of my hire period?

Basically, as tidy as you found it, ready for the next hirer. This means:

  • Mop/clean up any spills as they occur.
  • Bag and remove all rubbish & recycling.
  • Vacuum the floors.
  • Tidy the toilets, empty the bins.
  • Clean kitchen surfaces.
  • Wash all glasses, plates, and cutlery (2 dishwashers).
  • Wipe tables and put tables and chairs back in their original positions.
  • Report any breakages, damage and faults.
When do I get my security deposit back?

Assuming there is no damage or broken hire conditions, we will refund you within a week or so via PayPal.

Do you have Wi-Fi? We have a fast fibre connection (900Mbps) and it’s included in your hire. The current password is on the board above the bar.
What furniture is there?

We have seating for about 75 people. There is no child-sized seating and we don’t provide high-chairs.

There are 18 tables:

  • six large wooden tables (1.8m x 0.8m)
  • one round wooden table (1.8m)
  • eight medium grey tables (1.2m x 0.7m)
  • four small grey tables (0.7m x 0.7m).

All furniture must be wiped down and returned to its storage position at the end of the hire (there is a picture in the hall).

What are the catering facilities?

The kitchen has:

  • An electric range cooker with two ovens and a 5-plate ceramic hob
  • A small microwave, two kettles, several kitchen knives
  • About 50 each of large plates, medium plates, bowls (soup/dessert), knives, forks and spoons.
  • We suggest you bring your own tea towels and kitchen utensils (whatever you need to cook, heat, serve).
Do you have an amplifier / sound system?

In the main hall we have a Denon receiver and two speakers, which are mounted on the wall. This is suitable for background music. Connection is by Bluetooth.

We also have a BlueRay/DVD player and speakers in the Bishop Room.

We do not have a microphone.

Do you have a data projector?

We have an HD digital projector, Blue-ray player and speakers in the Bishop room.

Let us know if you need to check anything critical to your event before your hire.

Do you have facilities for disabled people? There is a ramp at the back door suitable for wheelchairs. There is a small lip in the doorway but once inside, all floors are level and there is a disabled toilet.
Is there a garden?

There is a garden, which you are welcome to use. It is well fenced but is not child-proof. We strongly suggest an adult supervises the garden when children are there.

Note that the bowls green is off-limits and available for hire separately.

How much parking is there? We have our own off-road car park with 34 spaces and 2 disabled spaces.
The Victory Hall terms
Caterers and Entertainers  You can use caterers, entertainers etc., provided they each carry public liability insurance of at least £1m (we may need to see a copy) and you tell us who you are using on the booking form.
Serving alcohol

Option 1 – Bring and serve your own alcohol, use our glasses if you wish (just wash them & pay for any breakages). BUT you may not charge your guests in any way, separately or within a ticket price.

Option 2 – If you want to run a cash bar, first get our written agreement then apply in good time for a TEN (temporary event notice), from Wokingham Council.

Decorating the hall

You can decorate, but you must use the low tack tape we supply (nothing else) and return the rest of the roll.

Do not use blue tac, white tac, cello tape, pins, or anything else – they all damage the hall.

You must not attach anything to lights or to pictures (safety).

Leave yourself enough time to take down all decorations and tidy up.

Bouncy castle You can have one but only the smallest ones fit inside, larger ones need to be outside in the garden. You are responsible for safety, supervision and insurance so use a good supplier and let us have a copy of their insurance certificate.
BBQ You can bring a BBQ, but you must position it outside, a safe distance from the hall and the LPG tank (buried in the garden).
Teenage party  We hire only to local hirers we know, subject to special terms that include organised security.
Public transport. For all practical purposes, there isn’t any.


If you have a question not answered above, why not visit the hall any Friday evening? Please arrive between 19:15 and 20:30. No need to book, just be aware we may not open over Christmas and Easter holidays.

Or  you may email us at:, but allow a few days for a reply.